Robin & Stuart's Strength and Love

5:18:00 PM

         I rarely use my words on this website as I'm way more comfortable sharing my images than I am sharing my feelings. This is an exception. All of you should know this amazing woman who came into my life recently. She asked me to share a very special day with her and her husband. It was a day I will never forget. I don't know that I've ever been so nervous to take photos. When I arrived that evening it was Robin who was putting ME at ease instead of the other way around. Below is the result of that very beautiful woman and the strength that she chose to show the world. There were tears all around but above all there was love. So. Much. Love.

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  1. With love and strength, we can face the challenges of life.

    This is love, this is strength.

    Such an emotional time to document, you’ve truly captured the fierce fight, the everlasting love and the beauty of life.


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